Our work begins much like any other research project on buildings and cities: with the collection of data that includes secondary and archival sources, images, and maps. As a research collaborative, we collect and share our data on a database that produces superimposed layers of geographical (GIS) and time-referenced information to model topographical and physical change in selected parts of the city. This information forms the basis of our 3D models and animations that represent change in each zone of the city. Our research projects to date have included different parts of the city (Santi Giovanni e Paolo and the Accademia, for example), and we are developing new initiatives that engage more broadly with the city as a whole and the lagoon.

On Going Projects

A Portrait of Venice

A Portrait of Venice: Jacopo de’ Barbari’s View of 1500


The 500th Anniversary of the Venice Ghetto

Past Projects

Water and Food

A history of Venice through the role of its lagoon and its settlements


Another story, a new case study


From a peripheral area of Venice to the core of contemporary art


S. Maria della Carità, S. Agnese, and the Gesuati, three insulae make one A museum’s origin and transformation

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